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UPDATE: Migori, Kenya - As a result of online studies and a recent visit by Denver Cavins and his son to Kenya, Twenty (20) pastors now wish to convert to become Seventh-day Adventists! They are bringing their churches with them in a knowledge of this great truth! Six Hundred members and more are joining our ranks in spreading the news that, Jesus is Coming Very Soon! The pastors are pleading for us to come back for a series of meetings next year.

On the Evangelism Trail
Evangelistic Series St. Johnbury,Vermont saw a revival of primitive godliness. Many tears were shed as members came to understand the Gospel as never before. 

Pickens, S.C. church completed their revival! The latest report is that the revival continues!

The Lord has called this ministry into existence to bring messages that will cure the "Laodicean Complacency" found in too many churches.

Plans are underway for a series of meetings to take place in Migori, Kenya in August this year. We plan to conduct a teaching series for 16 pastors who wish to follow the truth they discovered through this website!

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