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Who Wants to Know the Truth?

Where are the Bible preachers of today? The average church member has no idea what they're missing, since there is so little Bible centered preaching to be found. If one looks at some churches they find a good solid attendance, friendly people putting on their best faces, and allusions to the Scriptures every worship service. But there is a tragedy in the making across America and elsewhere.

All seems well and good. The preacher delivers the message. The congregants praise the message at the door saying their "goodbyes," and the preacher feels confident based upon the external signs. There is a sense that all is well. The giving is great, the attendance is sustained, and the church administrators are pleased. So, where's the problem?

The problem is found in the lack of solid Biblical preaching designed to help the people place their feet upon the firm ground of God's Word! Why are so many people easily swept away in times of adversity? Why do people give up when it seems God just isn't listening? Why is their world turned topsy-turvy when one preacher says this and another says that? The answer lies in the people being led by man's philosophies rather than the Word of God.

"Oh, that may apply to some churches, but not to mine," one man may spout.

Friend, just because the preacher quotes Scripture doesn't mean the message is Biblical. Remember, Satan quoted Scripture to Christ in order to have Him destroy Himself. Satan misapplied the Word, even though he did use the genuine Scriptures. Without Bible centered sermons, the people of the congregations will be blown this way and that in times of adversity. They will be deluded by various sophistries that come and will be led down a path of deception because they do not know the truth of the Scriptures.

Think about it. Examine the teachings presented by many so-called Biblical preachers today. Congregants are told that the Scriptures teach that God burns sinners eternally in the million degrees heat of hell-fire. Great! Some poor soul sins for thirty or forty years here on earth and when he dies, he pays for it throughout eternity in flames. And the people who hear such nonsense, say, "Amen!"

Is it any wonder that so few people living on the entire continent of Europe bother going to church? Maybe they have good reason. Perhaps they choose to think instead of following such middle ages concoctions. A thinking person would ask this question. "How can someone live in Hell forever without having eternal life?" That's right, now you're getting it. In other words, God would have to give the gift of eternal life to sinners so they could roast throughout eternity.

Hold on now! How do the Scriptures say we obtain eternal life? John 3:16 tells us that we receive eternal life by believing in God's only Son. So, how is it that sinners are given eternal life without Christ? It makes no sense and most educated thinking people recognize the fact. Let me be quick to say, that it is not God's Word that is in error here, but it is the fault of the spurious teachings of many Christian churches of the modern era. This comes from a lack of Biblical study and the want of Christ centered sermons delivered to a perishing mankind.

May God lead those who desire to know the truth and who now stand before this latest generation in need of a Savior to His Word. May they stand on the unshakable ground of the Gospel as they point the way to redemption. Mankind does not need an exposition of the latest book read by the minister. Mankind is in no need of high sounding philosophy meant to sway their political standing. Men and women today stand in need of the same need of scores of past generations. They need to hear of a loving God who sacrificed His only Son to pay for their sins. They desperately need to learn that the world is coming to an end and that only those who have surrendered their hearts to God will be saved in that hour.

Where are those who will preach the truth though the Heavens fall? Where are those who will ask God for the courage and the knowledge to proclaim the Truth to a lost and confused generation? I beg you to assemble teachable people who want to know the truth of these last days and also want to help proclaim Christ's soon coming! We stand ready to help.

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