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It Is Past Time to Awaken

I had gone to a restaurant for lunch and to study my Bible. As I passed a table to pick up my order, I noticed a woman and her husband were working their way through a Bible study guide. When they glanced up as I walked by, I said hello. Then I asked one of my favorite questions when I see someone reading the Bible.

I asked, "Do you understand what you're reading?" The answer I receive is a good indicator of a person's sincerity. This couple revealed so much of themselves when they responded, "Yes, we understand most of the Bible."

Having received my food, I returned to my table and went back to reading. The lady approached me and began sharing information about herself. She stated that she was a psychologist who attended a large church in the city where she taught a "huge" Sunday School class. She soon began to talk about the political situation in the U.S. and how much the country needed her favorite candidate to win the presidency.

The Lord Jesus was never again mentioned by the couple as they launched into a politically centered diatribe. Both, the woman, and her husband were convinced that divinity had brought her man on the scene to lead the nation. They would not allow a word of criticism about "their man." I failed to see how they could have shown more or even equal appreciation for Jesus.

My problem was not that she held her candidate in such high esteem, but that she was teaching her class that it was their Christian duty to vote for him. The longer she spoke, the more I became disappointed in her and in her church. The woman believed, with evangelistic fervor, that all Christians should stand behind her candidate.

I could hardly keep from shaking my head. From our conversation, I could have concluded that this couple loved and respected this particular political candidate as much as Christ Himself! She was absolutely unwilling to admit to any character flaws in this man running for President.

In the book of Revelation, the Bible speaks of a time when the forces of evil will become so strong that great delusion will come upon the earth. There are not a few Christians who are blindly following their pastors, priests, rectors, or "fathers" down a road that is far removed from the faith delivered long ago to the followers of Christ.

There are members of churches who should know better yet are ignorantly accepting the political and moral guidelines being established by the very ones who will soon be persecuting them. It will not be long from now that corrupted Christianity will find common grounds upon which to unite. The end game will be as it has always been, persecution of those who follow Christ and His Word and those who will never accept the false teachings of fallen churches. If you find yourself agreeing with the majority of so-called Christian churches, perhaps it would be good to reflect upon your enthusiasm for a soon-to-be persecuting alliance.

It is long past time to awaken. Our souls will soon be tested by those who have taken upon themselves the name of Christian, but whose hearts are far from the gentle Lord they profess.


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