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Loud Cry Ministry

A unique ministry offering helpful free training, and encouragement to our Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ. 

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Loud Cry Ministry

About Us

Ministry Founder:  Denver Cavins

We are unique.  We feed people, not with bread and meat, but with hope!  Even individuals who are well fed and provided with comfortable housing, commit suicide every day.  We all need clothing and food and housing as essential to living.

But we also need a reason to keep living. was in Beloretsk, Russia near the site where Francis Gary Powers’ U-2 spy plane was downed.  There, in the foothills of the Ural Mtns., we provided clothing to a nearby orphanage.  But our mission of delivering overflowing bushels of hope paid the most dividends.  A middle-aged woman asked for a conference with our speaker, Denver Cavins.  Although the woman wore a coat, scarf, and hat, her hands were nearly frozen.  Why?  Because this was Siberia, and it was winter.  We didn’t wait for fair weather.  We went when the need was made apparent.

The lady removed a folded, rough piece of paper from her coat pocket and began to read to Cavins.  The interpreter explained that it was a poem.  The woman had lived here in the city of Beloretsk most of her life.  She had no husband and had lived alone with her little boy.  About one year ago the young child had been crossing a street when he was struck and killed by a bus.  She was a petite person and lifted her eyes at the close of the poem reading.  “I had no reason to live until you came to our city.  Now I have hope.”

We had similar experiences in the Philippines, Cuba, and Estonia.  Our colleagues include medical doctors who have tested people with vision problems, diagnosed their need, and distributed hundreds of pairs of eyeglasses.  They have shared nutritional information, taken blood pressures, checked blood sugar levels, and provided private consultations. 

In Cuba, we delivered several hundred pounds of medical equipment and medicines.

Last year for the city of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, we encouraged 300 pastors with training in three areas via Zoom.  The training was in Homiletics, Thematic Sabbath services, and Friendship growing strategies. 

We also work domestically.  In March 2022 we will make good on delivering hope combined with a psychologist who will lecture on what parents can do to help their children cope with the effects of the recent pandemic.  Our ministry can access medical doctors, health professionals, singers, musicians, and other professionals needed for specific targeted requirements.

We are developing our internet presence to include free lectures, inspirational music/singers, and numerous blogs to dispense hope to searching people.  Some of our main lectures are entitled, “Worried about the Future?”, “Has the World gone Crazy?”, “Tired of the fairy tales about Hell?”, “Astounding Mathematical evidence proves that Christ …!”

We stand ready and willing to bring hope globally. 


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