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America: Good or Bad? Not for the faint of heart.

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

When I first learned that my country was spoken about in the Bible, I was excited. Being a former Marine who fought in South Vietnam, I really wanted to know the future of our great country. What I found disappointed me, but didn't really bring any great surprises. Somehow, I knew God would tell me the truth.

Revelation 13 describes a beast coming up out of the earth. This beast has two horns "like a lamb," but then he speaks as a dragon. What are we to make of this? Instead of letting light come from the sparks of our own making, let's let the Bible tell us what this all means.

The Bible speaks of beasts and interprets itself so we may gain understanding. For example, in the Old Testament in the book of Daniel chapter 7 verse 17, the Lord tells us that a beast in prophecy depicts a king or kingdom. So, Revelation is drawing our attention to a beast coming up out of the earth. Since this blog is not a place where I can share the entire story, I will hit the highlights. Previous to the rise of this two horned nation (beast), we are told about an evil power (the Beast) that persecutes people who put God's ways first and will not give their allegiance to anyone other than Christ. God says the evil power will receive a serious wound and go into captivity.

As the beast of Revelation 13 is receiving a wound, there is another beast arising out of a less populated area. (Some nations are described as coming out of waters. Waters are the symbol of "peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.") Therefore, it seems logical to see this new nation that is coming up out of earth, rather than waters, as a country that is arising from a less populated area. It grew in strength from its inception somewhere around1798 A.D. to become a worldwide power. It causes the earth's population to worship the evil Beast.

So, we see a country arise around 1798 and based upon Christian principles. But the Lord says that country, on its way to becoming a worldwide power, will speak as Satan. (Dragon, old serpent, the Devil, and Satan Rev.12.9) As the United States is growing in power, the wound of the first Beast is healed and the Antichrist becomes a great influence again. Within God's description of the U.S. at the end of time there is no proviso that says any political party will have an exclusive franchise on speaking for Satan. The United States of America will be the mouthpiece of the Devil in leading the world to rebel against God.

Question: Considering this Biblical pronouncement, let us ask ourselves this question. Am I agreeing with one side of the current debates over others within the political realm and if I am, is it possible that I may have already been deceived into claiming to worship God and I am really being setup to follow the enemies of the good Lord? There are more than two choices when it comes to following what the leaders of both political parties are spewing. What about learning the truth and standing with God in these last days? What if both sides of the issues are wrong?

What if Jesus is coming soon and this is the last great test to come upon humankind? What happens when the government of the United States promotes a law that is contrary to the Law of God? Which will you obey? You may be tempted to say that just would never happen, never in the land of the free. You would be mistaken. Such laws have found ground already in state governments. These insidious laws are clothed in the garments of Christianity, but are instead, promoting the designs of the enemy of humanity.

There is only one safeguard and that is to learn the Truth and to stand with Him.

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