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Am I Your Enemy because I Tell You the Truth?

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

I didn't attend church much as I was growing up. It wasn't that interesting. Now that I am a man I understand why church services weren't anything that made me want to come back. It is difficult to put into the right words to explain the state of many Christian churches today. After having studied the Bible I am now prepared to say that most of Christianity is now in a state of lethargy.

In the Book of Revelation God tells the last generation of Christians that they are not hot nor are they cold. If they stay in that condition, He says He will vomit them out. Even if church services provide interesting experiences, it is no sign that they are "hot" for God. Week after week many congregations are subjected to sermons that are little more than nice religious talks. They have no heart, no soul, no heart-moving Gospel within them. The people go from church much as they came.

Where are the preachers who will present the Gospel of Jesus in such a way that will bring the unconverted to the place that they will ask in their hearts, "Men and brethren, what shall we do to be saved?" Where are those who stand in the sacred pulpit with the mission to reveal Christ in His word? The congregation doesn't care what wonderful article you read last week. They have no interest in the book you finished reading yesterday. They want to hear about Jesus. They need to hear about Jesus. They must meet Jesus and be renewed!

The world is racing toward destruction and what do people hear from the pulpits of Christianity? The prophecies are fulfilling before our eyes and what are Christians doing? I'll tell you what many are not doing. They are not proclaiming the Second Coming of Christ as an eminent event. They are not telling a world hurtling toward the end anything that changes the members' love for this world and the ugly avarice and selfishness of the human heart.

Christians who ignore the needs of a dying world and go about their daily lives without sounding the warning are terribly remiss in their responsibilities. Our neighbors labor for the treasure that rusts away and they worry about things over which they have no control. Why don't they know about the coming Kingdom of Heaven? Why haven't they heard that the longest definite time prophecy in the Bible was fulfilled nearly two hundred years ago?

Why don't they know that Jesus Christ is soon to return to this earth and that He is coming, not as a Lamb, but as the Lion of the tribe of Judah? There must be a revival of godliness among Christians. There have to be many thousands more voices to proclaim that the end of this earth draws closer and multitudes are not prepared to meet the Lord.

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