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Let's Get the Country back to God! Right?!

A time that will try our hearts is approaching like a swirling tornado. As God's Spirit is grieved away by men's hardened hearts, we may see a time of trouble forming in the distance. As this inhabited planet of ours nears its final struggle, we have to look above and beyond our daily trials and prepare to see the fulfillment of Christ's promise of return.

While our neighbors are hoarding food and weapons in their vain attempt to preserve themselves, we must keep ourselves focused upon Christ. In the not-so-distant past, it was only nuts and the wild-eyed religionists who stashed away provisions and cried out that the end was near.

Here, in the United States, guns are being bought so quickly that ammunition is becoming difficult to find in some areas. In anticipation of another round of Covid-19, some people are stockpiling food. It is no longer the crazies who are doing these things, but it is mainstream citizens who are getting into the act.

What is the truth? What do we need to prepare for future events? Not one in twenty Christians is ready to endure the trials that are coming upon us. How do we get ready? This is the quintessential question that should occupy our mind's priorities. If most Christians are not yet ready, how do we get ready? How can Christians become strong enough to pass through this time of trouble?

The answer is the same one that Christians have always needed to hear. We need a revival! Christianity is presently in a state of lethargy and impotence and is smarting from its lack of influence in the world. In the past, Christian leaders in similar circumstances have turned to political captains to augment their relevance in society. When churches felt they were not impacting their communities or their kingdom as they wished, they turned to politicians. The idea was to bring in the kingdom to God either by the Gospel or by political enactments.

Every time we hear, in the United States, that we need to get back to God, some of us shiver. Of course, any evangelistically minded Christian wants his country to come to God. This is why we exist as a church. However, some fellow countrymen need to be reminded that it was the combination of religious jealousy and political expediency that brought about the crucifixion of our dear Jesus. It was this same amalgamation that led to the deaths, the murders, of innocent Christians who would not bow down to the image of the "all powerful" church and state monster of the Middle Ages. Not hundreds, nor thousands, nor yet tens of thousands, but millions of our fellow human beings were tortured and murdered in the pathetic belief that they must be purged from the Earth in order that the kingdom could be "brought back to God."

The Devil is not stupid. Perverted? Yes. But he is not stupid. If this combination of powers in the past has been so supremely effective, don't you have some idea of how the Dragon is going to operate in our time? From pulpits that are supposed to be dedicated to the preaching of the Gospel of Christ we hear political innuendos of how we need to vote. Instead of wondering how a minister has suddenly become a political expert, the people of the congregations nod their heads and say, "Amen." Adolph Hitler is quoted as having said, "How fortunate for leaders that people do not think."

This site is dedicated to encouraging you to think. Think about your priorities in life. Think about your Christian struggle and how Christ is well suited to bring you and me through triumphant at the end. When you hear something preached from the pulpit, think! Does this square with the love of Jesus? Does what I am hearing in the sermons reflect the teachings of a God who loves me so much that He gave me his own Son? Before you answer too quickly please remember, even some of those who lived in Christ's time on earth were deceived by the very religious leaders who instructed them each week.

Only when the Spirit of God makes it clear to us, will we begin to see the truth. Yes, I want our countries to come back to God, but I know that it will never come about through political enactments or the religious pressures of well meaning, but deceived church leaders. The people of the countries of the world can only come to God by opening their hearts in prayer and asking for His Spirit to come in and to revive their spirits.

A terrible trial is coming. We can be prepared for that time of trouble by being awakened by God's Spirit and searching for truth as though eternity depended upon it.

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