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The Day Heaven Held Its Breath

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

The angels of Heaven had known Jesus for eons. His regal bearing was familiar to them as well as his expressions of love. They had watched in agony as the newly created Earth had rebelled against their loving God. What would happen now? They knew their Lord couldn't forgive lawlessness. Was the whole of the human race doomed?

They watched in horror as a brother murdered another brother. Time passed and each depraved act was followed by yet another. Angels studied the actions of God as he tried over and over again to bring light to the benighted race. He sent prophets to them with instructions and pleadings. He sent miracles to impress their minds that there is power beyond their comprehension. But still the majority of men ignored His warnings and his prophets. The angels volunteered to cooperate with God in saving man.

At last God declared that he would destroy the Earth and start life on the rebellious planet again with only a few of the race who survived. It wasn't long, however, before sinful man fell back into his natural rebellion. What could be done? Perhaps, man was to be lost forever.

At a grand assembly of the angelic hosts the question was on every mind. What could be done to save mankind? Must they be blotted from existence? Who could save them now that they had chosen to follow the prime rebel; Satan?

Then Jesus stood before them and said that he, himself, would go to Earth and be man's substitute. It was time. Every angel fell to their knees and begged their Lord not to enter such a place where rebellion had brought about lying and depravity and cruelty.

As shepherds slept, the angels came and sang to them of Christ's birth. The wise men of today's Iran were visited by the holy beings to direct them. The angels held themselves back from protecting the Lord during the inhuman treatment of beatings and whippings. At God's order, they could only watch as Jesus was nailed to the cross. They bowed their holy heads and folded their wings as he breathed his last.

After three dreadful days, the order was given to go awaken the Son. Two of the winged servants entered the tomb and told the sleeping form, "Your Father calls for You." They had brought clothing with them for his journey. First, he spoke with one of his followers, Mary Magdalene and gave her a message for the others.

Christ was then ushered into Heaven by the accompanying angels. Jesus, the Holy One whom angels had known for eons, now approached the Great White Throne. This time he came before God as man's representative. The angels stood enthralled by the scene. Had Jesus been successful in avoiding every sin? Had he lived a life without ever succumbing to temptation? Had his death on the cross been sufficient to pay for man's sins?

Jesus, the Lamb of God, walked slowly over the glassy golden pavement to his Father. Heaven held its breath. This man, recently beaten, bloody, and executed, now stood in front of his Father's throne. Had he accomplished his mission? Had he opened the door to save man? God arose, looked upon the humble being before him and said, "This is my very beloved Son in whom I am well pleased."

Amid angelic myriads bursting into song, Jesus ascended the steps of the throne, embraced his Father, and sat at his right hand.

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