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Understanding Soul-winning!

Why didn't your minister pursue your loved one who had a question about God? You were sure if the pastor would start Bible studies that they would join the church. After all, isn't that the pastor's job? How do you suppose the church grew after Christ returned to Heaven? Was all the church growth done by the disciples? Hint: No, it wasn't.

Unfortunately, in the minds of not a few members it is often the case that all the soul-winning is left to the "professionals." Question: why is it the pastor's job? Is it because no one else in the congregation knows how to do it? No one else is schooled in the science of soul-winning. In some countries this is the prevailing philosophy of church members. It may also be noted that where churches think this way, it is usually a place of stagnant growth.

Let's hasten to say that it is just plain wrong to lay waves of guilt on a congregation about going "into the world" to win souls if they have not been properly trained to do that work. Believe me, soul-winning is more than providing someone with spiritual information. Winning someone to Christ is a science that experienced soul-winners have learned.

Sometimes it an ill-equipped person in the church who ignorantly tries to make sure all the theological points are upheld in their interactions with prospective members. They are deluded into thinking that they have the responsibility of ensuring "belief purity" within the church. What they really accomplish is changing people away from the church and, more importantly, away from Christ. Often this person has nothing invested in the visitor and answers any sincere questions with such sharpness that feelings are hurt and the prospective member is lost. The well-meaning member justifies his actions by telling himself that it is just too bad the visitor's feelings were hurt, but they should know what "we believe in this church."

Sometimes Evangelists who come to a church ask that the members bring any and all visitors to them and not to answer any questions even if the church members know the correct answers. Why would this be the case? Partly because of the attitude revealed in the previous paragraph and partly because many members have never been trained in how to relate to interested visitors. Interested visitors and new members must be shielded from people like the one mentioned above. After all the prayers and effort and time invested in bringing a soul to Christ, it is so easy to destroy all that work with ill chosen words no matter how sincere.

So, please don't take it upon yourself to correct or to rebuke someone in the church if you have not worked yourself to bring them to Christ. You haven't earned that right. Once you are trained as a soul-winner you'll be aware that someone has been mistreated or humiliated unnecessarily and you'll know what to do. You'll be aware that new members are like fragile babies. They must be dealt with gently and lovingly. If you've never prayed you heart out nor worked a new member, please walk lightly so as not to do damage while they mature in the faith. provides this training along with a Bible-centered seminar which is a call for more Biblical preaching, as well as, training for members to spur church attendance and growth. We also offer a three week series of meeting in which we will present Biblical prophecy that explains that we are living in the last days of Earth prior to Christ's coming. Contact us today.

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