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Is This the End?

We Seventh-Day Adventists have trying to tell the world of the soon coming of Christ. Jesus said there would be earthquakes in "diverse" places. Over one hundred significant earthquakes have occurred since the beginning of 2020. Major earthquakes have become so common that we give them little notice. Do you know that nearly one million people lost there lives during earthquakes and the resultant effects last year? Christ said there would be famines in the last days. Not so long ago people made fun of His words regarding the end. How can there be famines when man is growing more food than he can possibly consume? At least this was the argument. Well, now we see it has come to pass. Yes, we do grow more food than needed, but there are still many of our fellow humans who are starving to death.

Why? Greed in man's heart and the overpowering need for dominance of others. In Africa, for example, food shipments are hijacked by those wanting to lord it over their fellow citizens. The result is famine and starvation, a slow withering of the muscle tissue and soon walking skeletons are what's left of a human being. Jesus saw the future more clearly than those of us living in it!

Jesus said there would be pestilences in the last days. Some have asked how can this be? With the advent of modern medicine and tremendous steps in understanding the use of drugs and various apparatuses, how can disease become rampant across the world? He said it would be and now we see.

What will it take for us to wake up and to see that the end of this world is approaching? We can not stop the world from breaking apart, nor can we extricate the sinfulness from others' hearts. However, we can come to Jesus and ask Him to forgive our sins and to come into our hearts. You may come to Him just as you are and He will never turn you away. Before the world can completely tear itself apart, Jesus will appear in the heavens. He is coming back to rescue His children and to destroy those who are still clinging to and loving their sins.

The Lord of Heaven and Earth will soon come to put an end to all the suffering, all the murdering, all the denial of His being the Creator. This world has been in rebellion against Him for thousands of years and now sin has nearly run its course. Soon the whole world will see that God's character is righteous and that man following Satan's lead is ruinous. There is still time to decide to surrender to God and His leading or to remain in darkness. There is still time.....but not much.

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