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Angry America

Updated: May 31, 2020

What is going on in America? Black Americans are angry. Police have overstepped their authority in numerous cases and, as a result, citizens have been killed. Blacks are angry that there seems to be a double standard of justice for black people and for white people. There is anger about the differences in economic success between whites and blacks. Blacks are angry about not having the same opportunities as whites in America. More blacks are arrested and are in prison than the white population by ratio. Blacks are taking out their frustration on their own communities and upon the "enemy" police.

Police are angry because they are portrayed as the bad guys. They strap on weapons every day because their job is going to be dangerous. They want to come home to their wives and children at the end of their shift. They are angry because they stand for the laws of the nation that act as a barrier against chaos and animal behavior and are attacked at every turn. They are angry because their jobs have been made more difficult and more dangerous because some of their fellow policemen have grossly misused their authority. Now the everyday officer has to take the backlash. They are angry that social media paints them always as the aggressor when all they are doing is stopping criminals. They are angry about being called racists when they arrest black people breaking the law. America's prisons are disproportionately filled with blacks, partly because of racism, yes, but more often, because blacks break the laws of the land.

The media is angry because America's political leaders disparage their work and, after reporters risk their lives to get the story, those in political power dismiss what they report as untrue. Some media outlets in the U.S. have broken with the established norms of providing the public with news. If a person wants to know what happened in a particular event and they want every Republican politician exonerated, they will watch a certain news network. If an American wants to read the trash on Republican politicians, they also are aware of which newspaper to read. Why? Because Americans are angry and they are taking sides. This taking of sides has been ongoing for several years now.

What is also astonishing is the fact that the "rugged, individualistic American" has so easily been cowered by their own government. "You can go here, but not there." The government asserts that they have absolute authority over when and where you can congregate. And in the name of a crisis of health, citizens have mostly complied. But how long will it be before a "fake" crisis will be used in the same way to suppress citizens? Brother, you think you're angry now, wait until you find yourself labeled as a "problem citizen."

The time is coming and is not far off when we shall see the anger of today transform into the suppression of tomorrow. How do we know? In Genesis 6, God says He will not always strive with man... God's Spirit is being withdrawn from the Earth. This is not an arbitrary decision on God's part, but a natural result of man turning his heart from God. As the Lord's Spirit is "grieved" away, we are left to our base tendencies. Where God was attempting to put love in our hearts, there is hate and anger because we are essentially sinful beings. Without His influence, we are left with our own nature. Jesus said it would be so just prior to His Second Coming. (Matthew 24, 25) This should help explain why people are so angry, so immoral, so hateful. Man is being left to his own sinful nature.

But, while many are ignoring God's pleadings, there are others who want to be forgiven; who are hungry for a life of meaning. God's love is still reaching out and there are precious people who are preparing for the world to come. When Christ comes back there will never be another angry person. There will no injustice. There will be no lawbreakers because there are no unjust laws and there are no reasons to rebel against the authority of a God who sent His own Son to take upon Himself our sins and to die in our place.

Here, at, we are trying to warn the world that time is short. Christ is soon to return to Earth. We are reaching out to help the world to prepare for the great event of His coming. He will gather those who have accepted Him, and all others will be destroyed by the brightness of His coming. Friend, don't delay. Make the choice that will determine eternity for you. Blessings!

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