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Even the Very Elect

Jesus warned that at the end of time deception would be perfected. The sophistries of the times would be so effective that nearly everyone would be deceived. America has recently had an experience that illustrates this frame of mind quite well. I have been observing and listening to the recent political situation in America.

The bedrock of democracy is the vote. If people become convinced that they no longer have a say in their own governance, democracy dies. World War II has always captivated my imagination. My father was a ground pounding infantryman and fought across Europe ending the war in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia. I've asked myself the question so many times, "How could educated, intelligent people give over the reins of government to rulers like Hitler and Mussolini? It is true that individuals were murdered to secure Germany for Adolph Hitler. However, aside from all the underhanded threats used by those who took over, there was a population of common folks who went along. Many did so enthusiastically shouting praises at rallies and conventions.

During my graduate studies, I worked for a German gentleman who had lived through the Hitler years. What he shared was eye opening in revealing the impact of Hitler's programs upon the man-in-the-street. The economy of Germany had been wrecked not only by the expenses of WWI, but also by the stringent and impractical assessments placed upon them by their conquerors. My friend said he would be paid in cash at the factory where he worked. The money filled a bushel basket. His wife came to the fence surrounding the factory property at noon. My friend would lift the basket full of cash over the fence and his wife would rush to the stores to buy everything she could before the new inflation rate and devaluation of the "marks" was posted. The economy, in short, was a shamble. The government seemed impotent to do anything of substance to remedy the crisis. Enter Hitler and his henchmen.

Once in power, nearly absolute power, Hitler stabilized the currency. He spoke to defeated, demoralized people about patriotism and the greatness of the German people. He made their lives better economically and politically. Why not support him? If you loved your country and wanted it to recover from an economic free fall and to take its place among the power nations, why not shout Hitler's praises?

Here is the problem. We humans are ingenious at justifying what we really want. "Hitler murdered to get where he is?" "I don't care. Look at my paycheck and how much happier my family is since he took power."

Deception is at an all-time elevated level. There are Americans who have been deceived into thinking their political position is godly and righteous. God bless us to have the Holy Spirit open our eyes because, "if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." (Matt. 24:24

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