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Why Liberal and Convervative can both be Toxic

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Long before many of the children now living in Hong Kong were born, the British claimed hold on the city and surrounding islands as a colony until the year 1997. The British secured a 99-year lease in 1898 and never dreamed they would have to surrender their prize colony. China, however, had become a financial powerhouse during that near-century and the British government wanted wealth to flow their direction and certainly did not want a military conflict with China. When the terminal date arrived, the Chinese government agreed that they would accept a unique status for Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region. There would exist "one country, two systems." Over six million people came into the Chinese sphere as London relinquished control. However, when the people of Hong Kong began to publicly state their desire to establish a democracy, the communist government of China acted just as their preceding authoritarians. They brought the merciless power of the state down upon those expressing opinions and thoughts counter to Beijing.

Communism is not good. Communism is a form of control that rules absolutely, disregards citizens' basic rights, and is not known for being forbearing of its own people. America fought a war for ten years and lost over 50,000 sons because we recognized the pernicious character of communism. Then why, you may ask, are we now doing billions of dollars of business with communist China and communist Vietnam?

It is for the same reason that serves as the impetus for many puzzling decisions in our world today, money. Some may think if we do business with these governments, they will see the light and become more like the tolerant and kindly democracies of the world. This is NOT the case. The reality is that the leading democracies have prostrated themselves before the world's second greatest economy and have left their principles behind. Instead of converting the Communist countries, we have become more like our trading partners. Communism was evil in the 1920's and remains so today. Millions of souls have been murdered under the flags of this evil system.

Bible prophecy speaks of a time when a kindly nation would arise (the late 1700's) from a less populated land. This nation would become a great power in the earth and, compared to some of the other governing bodies of the world, would be innocent and principled. But as time drew on, that nation would become more like the other intolerant, unforgiving, and deceitful countries. It would inexorably fall so far as to speak for the dragon (Satan) himself.

A time is quickly approaching and is even now when the United States, a great depository of goodness and light, will so speak and so act that it will reflect the opposite of the principles upon which it was founded. How is this coming about? Much of the fall is coming from two different schools of influence. The two major political parties in the United States appear to be largely controlled by extreme views propounded by a couple of circles of thought.


One school is the Liberal ultra-leftists who are militantly pressing an agenda of gender confusion and their mistaken right to forcefully indoctrinate children in public schools to accept their interpretation of sexual right and wrong and also to gain the approval of society at large for their lifesyle choice as being an acceptable one for others. There is also the philosophy that seems predominant of giving the wealth the government has accumulated to the underprivileged and politically active. While it is generous to share wealth, it is not acceptable to attempt to make everyone, whether they have worked and struggled or not, to be on the same economic level as everyone else. (This has been tried, tested, and failed by Communism.) Some of these social experiments have had a negative influence. In trying to raise the underperforming, the result has been to retard the growth of the higher achievers and to waste resources that could have improved society at large.


The second school of influence that is quickly driving America to her knees is that of the so-called "Christian right." While espousing Christianity as their main impetus for gaining political power, they clearly exhibit anti-Christian sentiments. The Bible speaks of Mystery Babylon, which is the Beast power, and her daughters. The Beast pressed for laws to reflect its own interpretation of Scripture, which resulted in the death of innocent men and women in the fires of the stake during the Middle Ages. Babylon, confusion, felt they had every right to destroy these heretics. A heretic, of course, was anyone who didn't believe as they did. Babylon's daughters are a direct descendant! Protestantism has lost its way and has come full circle back into the arms of its apostate mother.

Many Christians today applaud the use of force to forward their agenda. How can this be? How is this any different than their mother's designs of centuries past? Did Christ use force upon those who did not believe? Did the lowly Savior tell His people to vote in righteousness? Really! When the Christian right pushes its agenda before the political world, it is only doing as its mother has done in the past.

It is time for the Lord to come and to say, "Depart from me, for I never knew you." But they may answer, "But Lord, didn't we get the Supreme Court of America to enact Your will? Didn't we get the public schools of America to teach children about creation? Haven't we done many wonderful things?"

"Depart from Me, for I never knew you." Did I tell you to use votes to forward the Gospel? If you believed so fervently that children should learn of me, why didn't you sacrifice your fortunes to build schools where I could be taught without duress? Instead, you used force of law to bear upon people and make them follow Me. This is exactly what your mother did long ago in Europe." Didn't I tell My people to promulgate the Good News by preaching and to forward My work through sacrifice?"

The prophecies of the living God are coming to fulfillment before us. Not long in the future we will see Christ Jesus appearing in the heavens!

Photo credit: Sora-shimazaki


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