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What We Need Around Here is a Revival

I announced to one of my churches that I would like to conduct a revival. One of the leaders came to me privately and asked, "What's a revival?"

To answer the question is to describe Heaven in action. Sometimes a widespread revival is called an "Awakening." During the 18th century in northeastern Amercia, a terrific revival swept through the cities and into the countryside. It seemed nearly everyone was concerned about their readiness for heaven. Churches were filled with people wanting to prepare themselves to meet the Lord. Camp meetings took place in the rural areas. Evangelists traveled a circuitous route of tedious miles to preach to overflowing crowds. There was a general feeling of raw spirituality settling upon the land.

Hundreds and hundreds of families came to know the God of heaven during those incredible days. We need another one right now in the world. Terrorists are exploding bombs that kill and wound innocent people. The love of many humans seems to be disintegrating into a selfish, devilish desire to get all they can while not caring about anyone else or the negative consequences of their actions upon others.

Many are falling asleep amid worry and pain wondering how they will care for their families. Disease is racking the world and still there are multitudes who refuse to see that these are the signs of the times prophesied in the Bible that would exist just prior to the coming of Christ a second time. How can we be ready for His appearing? He is coming in judgement of humanity and at His Coming many will perish in their sins and others will look up to the One who paid the price for all the things they ever did wrong and say, "Look, here is our God! He has come to save us!"

Step 1 toward Revival:

Pray for the Holy Spirit to come into your life and into God's church.

Step 2 to bring about a Revival:

Listen to Biblical Preaching. This may sound easy, but it is not. There are too many who claim to preach the Gospel of Christ and who are preaching nothing more than sophistries. Just because someone reads aloud from the Bible does not necessarily mean you are listening to a Biblical sermon. After hearing the message, go home and look up those texts of Scripture. Study them for yourself.

Step 3 to bring about a Revival in our churches and in us:

Reorganize church worship services. Too many are bogged down in nineteenth century paradigms of worship. Why are some churches losing their youthful members? Yes, it can be that the youth are not interested in spiritual things. But, what if we are part of the problem? What if we are so stuck to tradition that we are eliminating the God-given creativity of the youth?

Step 4 in bringing Revival to Christian Churches:

Training Soulwinners to seek out and to work for those who express an interest in Christ.

These are the basics of the training we offer churches in their own journey toward Revival. We will be conducting our first seminars of 2021 in Columbia, S.C. beginning January 22. Dearest Heavenly Dad,

Send your Spirit to revive all who attend those meetings. May they know without question that they have had an encounter with you. Please draw those who are hungering to fill that inexplicable void in their hearts. You have poured your Spirit upon others in the past. I beg you, in Jesus' name, do it again.

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