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Why You Can Go On!

I enjoyed the movie, Castaway with Tom Hanks. Especially poignant was the scene in which the main character, Chuck Noland, was being philosophical about his experience on the island. He continued living, continued fighting the battle of life because, "Who knows what the tide could bring?"

People feel trapped in the workplace or in their finances. We need to remember we do not know it all. We have no idea what solution may come on tomorrow's tide. So, keep going, continue to watch for the answer each day. But keep in mind that sometimes having an attitude of expectation can bring its own solution to your doorstep,

Trapped in the workplace? Possible Solution: Pretend you are working for the most generous, kindliest person you can imagine. This was the advise the Apostle Paul gave to slaves. Work as though you are working for God. For some of us this is a Herculean task. But give it a try. Work on your skillset, your interpersonal skills, time management, and developing a better work ethic. In this way, you will either improve your present situation, or you will have metamorphosed into someone who will find it much easier to find another position.

Financially trapped? When you are tempted to pitch in the towel, remember the saying attributed to Kettering, "The only time it's fatal to fail, is if it's the last time you try." There have been many successful individuals who have started over repeatedly. Get outside and breathe. For me, sitting on the grass with my dog has worked to place troubling things into their rightful perspective. If you are convinced that the main problem is money, I would caution you to see beyond dollars. Think about what the "real problem" might be. It is a falsehood that money solves our problems. If that were true, when we hit the $200,000 per year mark, we would no longer have relationship problems. At $500,000 per annum, our loved ones would never become ill. At $1,000,000 income per year, we would live in total and complete happiness. Ridiculous! Do not allow the situation to sour your spirit. The voices of centuries past, call out to you that "...there is a God in Heaven." When this is behind you, and it will one day be behind you, the strength this trial brings will make it easier to cope with the ones to come. Finally, you will have fought the good fight and kept your faith in the One who willingly gave up life for you.

Another practical strategy I have found especially helpful when I am tempted to feel sorry for myself is to look about me and to find someone to help. Lifting their burden or encouraging another person has a positive effect on thee doing the helping. It comes down to an illustration I once heard about a group of people who listed all the problems they were facing. Each one anonymously placed his list where others could read it. At the conclusion of the exercise, everyone was content to take up their own list and leave.

Everybody gets down, but we do not have to be out. We all suffer disappointment, but that does not have to make us discouraged. God has many blessings He will bring to you. Press on. "You never know what God may send to you on the next tide!"

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