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What Then?

If you could obtain your top goal, think about how you'd feel. Now, consider what you'd do then. What would be the very next thing you'd go after? Would it be a new house? What about a new car? For some it would have to be a different workplace?

Suppose you got that, too. What then? I heard a man tell about a friend of his who asked a young man those kinds of questions. The young fellow was around seventeen years old. The older man got the answers he expected; the young teen wanted a new truck. What then? The old man asked again.

Well, the young man thought he'd probably get married some day and have children. What then? Again, the young man thought for a moment and answered that he'd put his kids through school and maybe college.

The old man repeated his probing question. What then? The teen said he imagined he would grow older with his wife and they'd spend time with their grandchildren. The answer seemed to reasonable. What then?

The teenager said he would work until he was old enough to retire and he and his wife would travel and enjoy each other's company. And what then? The teen, getting a little frustrated, said, "Well, I guess I'll probably just get old and die!"

Bringing his full attention upon the young teen's face, the old man asked, "And what then?"

The older I become, the shorter life seems. We don't like to think about growing old and breathing our last. But it will certainly come to us all. When you speak of Christ, remember that someone may be hearing their last sermon or their last invitation to accept God's forgiveness and to live forever.

Only in eternity will we be able to see how important spiritual questions have been to us. Don't ever forget the temporary nature of your existence here. Jesus Christ was either the cruelest fake that ever walked the earth or he is who he said he is; God's Son. Doesn't it make sense to investigate the only means of seeing our loved ones again? I've studied the story of Jesus and have found that he never lied. Everything he said would happen in the future is coming true. Ask him to forgive you for the bad things you done. Lay your guilty conscience bare to him and believe that he will accept you and will come into your heart. You'll be a changed person and those around you will know that you have passed from hopelessness to hopefulness.

If you wait until you are good enough, you'll never go to him. Go now. Bow your head and ask him to come into your heart. Accept his way of life and your life will finally be full of purpose. Don't worry if you don't "feel" forgiven. 1 John 5:13 "I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life." NIV.

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