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Why all the Covid, fires, earthquakes, ...(image by Ralph Iambrecht)

Many of us have seen the "Armageddon nutcases" proclaiming, "the end is near." Have you ever thought about the fact that one day they could be right? Seriously, the everyday citizen is beginning to ponder some rather weighty questions. Maybe events really are trying to send us a message. Perhaps, we should investigate a little closer.

It will come as a shocking surprise for some to hear, but all this was predicted. The signs we are witnessing were foretold, not by a random "pretend seer", but by Christ Himself. Check it out in Matthew 24. Jesus describes how the earth will be just prior to His reappearing. Why is all this chaos going on now? There have been various disasters in the past, but in our day, they seem to be coming fast and often. Is there something we should learn from these persistent and terrible events? We are quickly coming into a mindset of seeing spectacular devastastion and accepting it as common occurrences.

A word to you sceptics out there. Perhaps, you are thinking there have always been earthquakes. "Why should I be concerned?" You are correct about the fact that earthquakes have happened before. But have you ever researched how many major ones have occurred in the past? Before 1900, a period of thousands of years of recorded history, there were approximately 85 major earthquakes in the world. How many since then, in the last 120 years? Ten thousand! The earth itself is trying to tell us that Christ's Coming is near.

The predictions do not stop with the physical disintegration of the earth. The Bible continues to describe a time when mankind will lack natural affection. A time was to come shortly before the coming of Christ, when humans would not be treating each other with simple affection. Read the news of today or tomorrow and you will find an accurate fulfillment of that prophecy. In previous decades it was claimed that man was progressing. Technologically speaking, humans are making wondrous breakthroughs. But, in the basic nature of man himself, not much has changed. Since the day Adam and Eve were escorted from the Garden of Eden, there has been no progress in overcoming our instinctive selfishness! Man's nature remains constant.

Considering the imminent fulfillment of these predictions, what are we to do? The Bible says that the Coming of Christ will be a joyous event to those who love His appearing. The signs we are witnessing have been anticipated by man for two millennia. Sin has nearly run its course in the earth. The end of suffering will soon come to a close.

We have been born into the middle of a war that has been tearing humanity apart for thousands of years. Every generation of mankind has tried, with all the intellect and learning at its fingertips, to understand the situation. The Bible is clear when it tells us that there is a very real battle between good and evil and that we must choose which side will receive our allegiance. Will we follow our natural nature down the path that leads to the loss of all? Or will we surrender our hearts to God and follow His commands? It really boils down to trust. Do we trust God or our sinful selves? What will it take to awaken the world?

The only thing in the universe that will convince us to choose God is to see the love He has for you. The Bible says when you were a sinner and enemy of God, He sent His Son to die for you. You have done bad things, embarrassing things, hatful things in your life and instead of condemning you, God has made a way of escaping the punishment you deserve.

How? By allowing Jesus to pay for your guilt and letting you go free. The cost of your freedom is surrender to Christ. Turn from your sinful life and turn toward God. Ask Him to help you to feel sorrow for the things you have done wrong. Then ask Him to come into your heart and to give you power to live for Him. What will it take to awaken God's church?

This is the reality of the universe. God is searching for you. He wants to save you from the annihilation of evil. Please understand that the Lord carried that Cross to the hill called Calvary for you. He was tortured, so you could go free. If you have any problems with the concept of a loving God, just look at the man on the Cross. No, there is absolutely no doubt that He has done all to save us. Ask God to come into your heart and to teach you to live the kind of life that matters while you are here. By allowing the Lord power over you, you become a recipient of the promise that you will live forever in a land of peace. Christ will be there with us, and we will never again lose a loved one or be hurt in any way. Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Christ. Or what will it take to awaken you?


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