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A Time When We Cannot Buy or Sell

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

For over one hundred fifty years the Seventh-day Adventist Church has been preaching the truth about the mark of the beast found in Revelation 13. I have personally proclaimed that same message in several countries. But I often wondered about how the "false prophet" of the beast would be able to accomplish keeping God's people from buying or selling. It seemed quite impossible even knowing God's Word is always to be trusted.

During these trying times of a killer virus plaguing the world, it is becoming much clearer how the false prophet of Revelation will, indeed, prohibit the rights of God's people. In the United States, and elsewhere, police are restricting the travel of citizens in order to contain this horrible outbreak. People are being cited for ignoring social distancing. These are new experiences for a generation that has never witnessed this sort of phenomenon. Restrictions are being declared upon certain products and we are seeing people hoarding food and paper products. Others are withdrawing money from banks due to fears of an economic meltdown.

We, in America, are becoming aware of laws that are already in place to be implemented for nationally declared emergencies much like the one we are presently experiencing with the Coronavirus. Governors of states may hire "special police" in order to enforce various declarations. Police may stop, question, and refuse entry to certain people at state borders. Fellow citizens volunteer information to authorities regarding their neighbors if they perceive those neighbors aren't adhering to government guidelines.

Is this the time of the Mark of the Beast? No. Those of us who have been blessed with the Biblical knowledge of the End Time know this is not the case. But as we observe nations going through this plague, it is becoming obvious that we are witnessing a precursor to those dreadful days just ahead. Governments will soon use these same laws and new ones as well as practiced tactics against those whom they will declare a pestilence.

If there is any doubt that the end is drawing near, one need only open their eyes to see that society and the political world are being maneuvered into place for the closing scenes of earth's history. If you have not had the opportunity to learn of these coming events, I urge you to ask the Seventh-day Adventists to explain them to you. Christ is coming!

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