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It's Easier When You Know

My great aunt was a child walking down a dusty country road with her best friend. They heard a sound they had never before experienced. Both ran as fast as their seven year old legs could carry them into a nearby field. What they witnessed would stay with them throughout their lives.

The girls saw two men racing by them in a contraption with no horse attached! The noise was horrible and the spectacle was breathtaking. Panic overtook them when a terrifying experience came into their little world. We brush this off today as a novelty of time. But what if the girls had read about automobiles and were familiar with the new inventions? The experience would still have been thrilling, but would not have been so frightening.

The current crisis is horrendous, that is just fact. But when you are aware of a larger picture, it inexplicably makes it easier to deal with all the bad news. What is the bigger picture? My wife was having her hair done at a salon and another woman asked, "Do you think God is trying to tell us something?"

The answer is, "Yes." God is attempting to tell us all something. He is allowing evil to attack us in order to awaken us to our fragile existence and to our need of Him in our lives. This is not the warning of some "Crackpot." The earth, itself, is breaking apart with earthquakes and tsunamis. Mankind is falling apart because of his greed and lack of caring for others. Now a pestilence is traveling the world seeking the physically weak or the careless or the overly confident or the completely unfortunate.

Signs foretold in the Bible are occurring and man is worried not about his eternal destiny, but whether or not he is supplied with paper products. What we should be concerned about is where we will spend eternity. Where will our children be when the door of probation is forever shut? You heard correctly. The time for accepting Christ as Savior is fast closing. Before Christ returns, the ability to abandon our own way and to accept Jesus into our hearts will pass. When Christ returns it will have long been too late to change our minds. Our fate will be sealed forever when the judgement of God is complete and then will Jesus approach this planet to claim His people.

Yes, the threat of this virus is real and deadly. But there is a far greater threat and that is the dread of facing all this alone. Christ is with His people and He will sustain us through it all. At the last day where will you be found? Concerned about what's happening on this earth or content in Christ?

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