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The Good Old Days

In the 1950's many people believed that a golden age had arrived. World War II was over and evil had been vanquished. The economy of the United States was booming and worshipers flooded the churches. They were told, from many pulpits, that the Second Coming of Jesus would be preceded by a one thousand year time of peace. Do you know that there are some who continue to have this belief? Imagine a millennium of peace on Earth!

Sometimes men develop teachings based upon their perception of the present day. In reality, the Bible does speak of a time of peace, but it happens when Christ comes back. (See Rev. 20) There will never be complete peace until Jesus rules. Men are inherently bad and as long as we have the reign here on Earth, there will never be sustained peace among nations. Christ also said there would be famines right before He returns. Some may ask how this could be? In this modern agricultural world how could there be hunger? Farmers grow enough food each year to feed every mouth on this planet. Why are people hungry?

The answer goes back to the basic nature of man. The Bible says, "There is none righteous, no, not one: " (Rom. 3:10) Warlords and corrupt politicians keep donated food from their neighbors. Food is used as a weapon. The evil of some governments keeps their population hungry, because they will not admit that they need anyone's help. In other cases, it may because they are suspicious that another selfish entity will take away their power. In the meantime, people starve.

In the 2020's there are few who think the world is getting better and better. Those who have proclaimed what the Bible says about the condition of hardened hearts at the end of time, were right. The fall of man into his own quagmire of hatefulness is a sign that God's Spirit is being rejected more and more. As men are left to follow their own sinful, selfish natures there will be more and more man-made catastrophes.

At the same time others are depressed and fretful, Christians who know Christ's warnings are hopeful and expectant. Christ told us that man's coldness toward others would be a sign of His near approach. We look to the heavens and know that soon the Christ of the Bible will come personally for His children. Then we will live in a world where peace is everlasting.

As time passes we will see the hearts of men revealed clearly. Natural love and kindness will become rare. Each person will look only to himself and his own. Crimes against people will become evermore baffling. "Why?" We will ask shaking our heads as we search in vain for a reason to explain the cruelty and animalistic behavior of violent criminals.

Christ's Holy Spirit is being grieved away from this earth by the hardened hearts of men. But there is also a movement upon the same earth that is proclaiming the end of the world and within that message there is contained a warning that each person is soon to answer for all they have said and done in their lives.

There is only one way to escape the consequences that we deserve and that is to accept the sacrifice of Jesus in living a life of perfect obedience to God and in taking our punishment upon Himself. He is not only willing to forgive you, but He has the authority to completely wash away all your sins and to claim you as His own child when He returns. None of your sins are so terrible that He cannot forgive. Your life is never tied in so great a knot that He cannot loosen you. Time is indeed running out. The world is about to end. It's your choice; do you want to continue living your own way? Or, do you want to surrender to the only One who loves you without reservation, without condemnation? Christ said if you come to Him He will never turn you away.

Get on your knees and talk to your Heavenly Dad. Tell Him you're sorry for making a mess of your life. Tell Him you want Him to come into your heart and to change you. Ask Him to forgive you and to lead you in preparing for Christ's soon coming.

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