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A Hint of Our Training

Question: What is the first thing you write when you are putting together your sermon? Think for a moment. Sorry, if you said, "The Introduction," you'd be right there with many others. But what would you do if you were asked to stand up before a huge group of people and your job was to introduce a speaker you'd never met?

Let me explain further. You couldn't properly introduce anyone without knowing something about them. So, how can you be expected to write an introduction to a sermon that you "don't know yet?" It is really a common mistake that untrained speakers make. They sit and try to come up with a great introduction without really knowing what they're going to say during the sermon. Make sense?

Another often made mistake in writing a sermon comes to light when the speaker is asked, "What are going to speak about?" If there is a lack of proper training they may say, "I'm speaking on faith." Really, you're going to us about faith in the Bible? The word "faith" and the illustrations of "faith" are so numerous that the poor speaker is all over the place in the sermon and the people leave scratching their heads wondering what was the point?

Of course, when they leave the meeting they are polite and say encouraging comments to you, but when they arrive home for dinner it's another matter. They ask many questions and the conversations go something like this.

"What was the preacher trying to say today? Did you follow the sermon?"

"No, I gave up after the eighth Bible text. I knew we in for another long talk when I saw all those papers in the pulpit."

This is in no way meant to discredit the speaker. The lack of training is often responsible for the errors we make in preaching. We should admire anyone who stands bravely before others and proclaims God's Word. But there is a great need for more trained preachers who are enabled to speak with power, confidence, and effectiveness.

With our free training you will be able to avoid both of those mistakes and when your audience is asked about your sermon, they'll share your solid Bible points with their neighbors. Although our website is new we have already been visited by many people in the United States, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Russia. We can't wait for you to assemble thirty brave souls who want to be trained in the art of writing sermons. You will also receive instructions on how to deliver your sermons as professionally as possible.

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