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Mediocre or Meteor?

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Is you life or your ministry going to be mediocre or one that sets the surrounding world on fire. It sort of comes down to your understanding of what you've been called to do. Whatever your ministry consists of, you will be called upon to face situations that require courage.

Like the Old Testament judges, kings, and patriarchs, you'll find yourself in predicaments that demand more wisdom than you possess. Sometimes you'll also find yourself presented with opportunities that you know full well are coming from God, but you lack the experience to take advantage of them.

Basically, it boils down to one word; fear. You've heard athletes say they had to overcome the fear of losing in order to win. Business people who are successful have overcome the fear of launching out with their family's future in the balance. Every success story has at its root, someone who faced a fear and overcame it.

On one of my trips overseas, I needed to have a singer as part of my team. My son's ex-girlfriend had a voice and stage presence that made her the ideal candidate. I called her and said, "I have the money in hand to pay for your airfare, your board and food. I'll even give you spending money. Would you be willing to join the team this year?"

She asked where I would be going and I told her we were going into the Ural Mountains of Siberia to a town that had no church. It was heavily populated with Muslims and they really needed to have a Christian church. Would she be willing to go and sing at my meetings?

With a catch in her breath, she let me know she wasn't interested. I could tell that old enemy "fear" had risen up and kept her from having a lifelong memory of what she could have accomplished. Inexperience in God's cause was really to blame.

Those of us who have tested the Lord know that He will supply whatever we lack. For the experienced believer, those are not mere ethereally beautiful words, but reality. That reality has been proven over and over again in the lives of us who have witnessed its truth. For the new pastor, it is a matter of raw faith. For the believer who is facing new territory it must become a reality. You must come to the place where you push off into deep waters knowing that the time will come when you turn your head toward the sky and cry for help.

That help will absolutely be there for you if you have learned to trust His guidance.

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