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The World Really is Coming to an End!

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Don't think so? For 3,000 years, from Abraham to the establishment of the kingdom of Normandy around 900 A.D., the earth faced about twenty major earthquakes. For the next eight centuries there were seventy-five more great earthquakes. Nothing here to get excited about, right?

Take a look at the next 100 years, the 19th century. In only a short one hundred years, there were 52 major rumblings of the earth which took over 140,000 human beings' lives! Okay, now let's march forward to the previous century, the 20th. From 1901 to 2000, the earth was shaken with major tremors over 300 times! Over one million, three hundred thousand persons lost their lives as a result of these natural disasters.

Now for the last 19 years of our modern century, would you be surprised to know that over eight hundred thousand people have died as the result of earthquake activity on our planet? In less than twenty years we are approaching a million souls lost from the earth breaking apart. Are you aware that Christ Jesus said it would be so before His return?

In the book of Matthew, Christ said there would be "earthquakes in diverse places." These are warnings, God's judgments coming upon the earth because mankind has not repented of his sins and turned to the soon coming Son of God. These catastrophes will continue and multiply as men's hearts grow hardened and their consciences are seared.

What will it take for mankind to turn from his sinful lifestyle and to accept the forgiveness provided by the blood of the innocent Christ? All about us we witness the uncaring, divisive nature of our fellow man. Here in America friends turn against one another over political views. Once caring people turn a cold heart and a flint hard face toward those who come seeking asylum against gangs of killers in their own countries. The poor are looked upon as leaches and parasites upon our rich economy.

On American streets beggars are multiplying and the homeless bundle against the wintry freeze. Our country is going through a terrible time of political troubles as it becomes more and more apparent that some of our representatives in the highest positions are more interested in enriching themselves than in upholding the principles of a free people. Some have lost the vision of what America is meant to be. And without a vision, "the people perish."

When all these things are falling about us, God would have us look to Him. As God's judgments fall and men's hearts are hardened more and more, a time of trouble is at the doors. God's people will need every spiritual fiber of their beings to hold fast to His principles. May His grace be fully sufficient for us to endure for a little while longer. Then we will see Him in whom we have trusted. He will appear at the earth's midnight to save His children. Let's pray for one another to remain faithful.

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