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Zoom to Tanzania!

Due to changing governmental guidelines, I was unable to go to Tanzania in person. Instead, we "Zoomed" the training. Although not as effective as personal instruction, we did have an enjoyable time together. Approximately 300 pastors attended the training that lasted over three days.

After twenty years of ministry, we have discovered three components that open a church up to revival. If a church and its leadership are teachable and want a revival, this is the training you need. We have now gone to Columbia, S.C. with personal training and to Tanzania via Zoom. You may get a small taste of what the training involves if you want us being interviewed on You Tube, Watchmen Broadcasting, Denver Cavins.

We want Christ to return to put an end to the intense suffering on this planet. We want death to be swallowed up in life, but with many of our loved ones still needing to make a decision for Christ, we must have one last great Revival to net them into the kingdom. We want to be a part of the last great religious movement that ushers in an eternal peace to this world. Let us help you prepare.

There will be entire churches that are brought to the Light of the last days and the truths that will protect us from the perilous deceit that is sweeping away many. Churches are losing their way. Politics is proclaimed with the same enthusiasm as Christianity. Political leaders are held up as the epitome of righteousness. Please!

In a time when the world most needs Christ, our churches are inebriated with political drunkenness. Look to history to see what the future holds. When the church and the political powers joined forces in the Middle Ages, persecution and the death of millions of innocent Christians was the result. How is it to be different today? Has man progressed and been enlightened to the point that he no longer is prejudiced or biased against his fellows?

There is a great persecution around the corner. In her present state, the church cannot survive. There must be a Revival if we are to successfully come through what lies just ahead. Complacency and self-satisfied churches will NEVER stand in the winds of the typhoon sweeping down upon us. Revival is the key. Revival is the necessity for this time.

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